my album “growth.” comes out August 23rd!

click here to pre-order 😀

i hope you guys like this video ahahaha we had a blast making it, as always. thanks to Cole for filming, of course!

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some things seem so impossible to conquer, i know
some mountains seem too high to climb

and some people, yeah, they only want the worst for you
but that’s life, yeah, that’s life
don’t run away and hide

you got things you go through alone
you endure the pain so you grow

you got things you keep to yourself, oh
open up, don’t torture your health

get out of your comfort zone, mmm
if you wanna grow

you gotta get out of your comfort zone
it seems inevitable
maybe it is, definitely uncomfortable

get out of your comfort zone
if you wanna grow, if you wanna grow

you gotta get out of your comfort zone
it’s inevitable
become the person you are supposed to be

growth is the goal
growth is the goal

life is hard, and it should be
don’t wanna get soft and have it easy
the challenges you face make you better
you should be the one that people call a “go-getter”

never play the victim, just rise and overcome
we are all oppressed by nature, we as humans become one
don’t become the one you hate
stay the straight path and you will find your fate


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